Help to shape Bristol’s cycle network

We are very pleased to see the publication of a draft cycle network map for Bristol (excluding South Gloucestershire). One of our main critiques of the Bristol Cycle Strategy published earlier this year was the absence of any delivery plan or sense of where things needed to be done, other than inclusion of the Top Tube map from our Bristol Cycling Manifesto.

This is real progress and represents a lot of work by knowledgeable people within the Council. Now it’s down to us and all those who ride the streets of our cycling city to challenge the assumptions, knock off the rough edges and fill in the gaps.

We’ll be working through the detail of how it delivers our vision of the Bristol Cycling Network, and then the emerging range of links and improvements that we’re capturing on our Neighbourhoods pages of local plans.

All this will be feeding in to our Space for Cycling campaign that will be setting out what every councillor needs to deliver in their ward, and what the Mayor must do following the elections in May 2016.

You can contribute directly to the council through a short survey, but if you do this through us we’ll make sure your suggestions become part of our campaigns.

Bristol Council list the aim of the network map is to:

  1. Ensure BCC have a vision in place to help work towards it
  2. Enable the public and local Neighbourhood Partnerships to help to shape the network – BCC recognise that this is only the first version and aims to work collaboratively to develop the vision in the medium term
  3. Help BCC prioritise its investment now and over the next 20 years to continue to achieve success
  4. Guide developers and other planners to enable them to help develop the network
  5. Guide BCC decision making in maintaining and upgrading the highway network.