About Us

Working to make cycling so easy, everyone does it

How can I get involved?

BCyC is powered by the energy of volunteers and supporters. You can help in lots of ways.

Anyone riding a bike is already helping, by making cycling a normal, everyday activity.

Ready for the next step?

  1. Join as a member. You can become a supporter for free, and you’ll get our email newsletter
  2. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook. Repost and like to spread the word
  3. Come along to a Monthly Meetup, or come on a ride. Details on the diary page.
  4. Our activists use Slack to keep in touch and coordinate campaigns. We do ask that those involved are members of BCyC.

Have a look at our Campaigns pages to see what we’re working on, or perhaps you have something you’d like to kick off? Drop in on a meeting or get in touch if you’re interested in getting more involved.