If you have a few minutes…

Six reasons to cycle to work

‘All women on bikes in Bristol welcome to help @BristolCycling to improve cycling infrastructure – you don’t even need to come to meetings to do it’ (Twitter, 10 October 2019)

That was the tweet and she’s right. Except, of course, that everyone is welcome at our meetings and everyone is welcome to get involved in the events we take part in.

And yet campaigning is more than meetings and events. Even when you’re doing less. Bristol Cycling Campaign is 100% volunteer: some of us have full time jobs, some of us have full-time paid jobs as well as kids and/or other caring responsibilities.

If you want safer cycle routes (‘better infrastructure’) you don’t have to bust a gut trying to turn up at a time that doesn’t fit your life, in a place that’s too far out of the way. Sometimes all that’s needed are a few minutes of your time:

  • If you’re on Twitter and Facebook follow us and Like and Retweet our posts. We’ve started posting our infographics on Instagram so that you can re-use them
  • Report illegal or obstructive parking and close passes online
  • We know we’re going to need responses to consultations on more road changes, we might ask you to sign a petition on something which will affect people on bikes, we might simply want your opinion, even if only to say yes or no. If you’re really short of time you can sign up for our email newsletter which will include links to any these
  • If you’re even more short of time, tell the other bike users in your life about us – maybe they have more time?
  • And if you haven’t already joined, please consider becoming a member