Infrastructure Safaris

Over the years the Bristol Cycling Campaign has developed a set of routes that help understand why Bristol tops the list of bike-friendly cities in the UK (not a high bar then). These are short routes that can be covered in 2 hours at a pinch (if there’s not too much talking and questions!) so they don’t form part of our usual ride programme (including the popular Discover Bristol Rides).

We thought it might be helpful to publish them in case anyone wanted to use them. If you are from another cycle campaign group or are transport planners and engineers from another city and would like someone to take you round and give a non-council perspective then get in touch. If you want the official story then contact the council teams at

Ride 1 Malago Route map

Longer ride to the south on one of the newly signed Greenways showing two stretches of new path and going through one of the 20mph areas. Takes in two community bike ‘hubs’ (6.7 miles).

  • Greenways, signed off road routes
  • 20mph Area
  • New segregated cycle paths
  • Harbourside walking and cycling route
  • Community ‘hubs’ for promoting cycling

Ride 2 Frome Route map

Longer ride to the east using two of the Greenways showing new paths and one of the 20mph areas. Also a number of shared space areas (7.4 miles).

  • Greenways, signed off road routes
  • Bristol Bath Railway Path
  • Parks for pleasant routes
  • 20mph Area
  • Permeability and shared use in the centre

Ride 3 Shared Spaces Route map

Shorter ride looking in more detail at some of Bristol’s shared space areas (2.8 miles).

  • Different kinds of shared spaces ranging from Home Zones to shared use pavements
  • Some many years old and others more recent
  • Inner East 20mph Area
  • Bristol Bath Railway Path and Frome Greenway are
  • part of the radial network of quiet and off road routes

Ride 4 Central Route map

A look at the centre of Bristol by bike (3 miles).

  • Shared space
  • Filtered permeability
  • Inner South 20mph Area
  • Festival Way
  • Harbourside

Walk Route map

A look at the centre of Bristol by foot allowing more time to talk (3 miles).

  • Shared space and home zones
  • Filtered permeability
  • 20mph Area
  • Signed routes and segregated paths