Let’s have safer streets during Covid-19

If you’ve been out during the Covid Lockdown you’ll have noticed that the proportion of folk cycling and walking compared to driving has rocketed. In some places it’s difficult to maintain social distance, while in others a small number of drivers are racing at intimidating speeds on the roads.

In many cities and towns around the world quick, innovative but temporary measures are being used to make streets safe and comfortable for key workers and those shopping for essentials or exercising. This is particularly valuable for many key workers who can not afford private cars but are understandably reluctant to take public transport which, tragically has been a source of infection.

We’ve sent a letter to Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees and transport lead Councillor Kye Dudd asking for our city to join in rather than standing on the sidelines. Read it here BCyC.Covid.Letter.TW.ND.17.4.20PDF. We believe it is within the council’s power and responsibility to provide temporary relief to these areas which are at breaking point, by reallocating space from the currently under utilised roads.

On the same issue, Cycling UK, Sustrans, the London Cycling Campaign and others have co-signed a letter to England’s cycling minister urging him to support the reallocation of road space to people walking and cycling during the coronavirus crisis Joint call for more space for cycling during virus crisis

National guidance has also been revised to make these kind of changes easier and quicker. The LCRIG Local Council Road’s Innovation Group have issued guidance that relaxes the publicity requirements for TROs Traffic Regulation Orders – Covid19 Guidance

So come on Marvin and Kye, is Bristol going to step up to look after and encourage walking and cycling in this time of crisis?