London Assembly review into road traffic crime 11/02/2016

We have been following with interest the London Assembly Police and Crime Committee review into road traffic crime. We fully support the joint submission from CTC, London Cycling Campaign, RoadPeace, Sustrans, 20s Plenty for Us and Living Streets. The issues and recommendations apply just as much in Bristol as in London.

  • Illegal and anti-social behaviour involving vehicles should be treated as other types of illegal and anti-social behaviour. This is not the case at present.
  • Treat road crime as crime and include in crime statistics.
  • Adopt a harm reduction approach with the focus on reducing danger posed to vulnerable road users (pedestrians, cyclists and powered two-wheelers).
  • Produce annual reviews.
  • Use Speeding data to set out a strategy of enforcement that makes use of speed cameras, police enforcement, engineering changes and community road watch to move towards compliance with speed limits.
  • Driving offence review. Request that the Government includes the definitions and charging standards, as well as the sentences, for bad driving offences in its review of road traffic offences and penalties, given that the lack of clarity over the distinction between ‘careless’ and ‘dangerous’ driving frequently results in driving being described as mere ‘carelessness’ when it has caused obviously foreseeable danger. This in turn leads to derisory sentences which undermine the messages about the importance of driving safely. 

Our Road Justice group continues to work with police and councils.