Lower Redland Road + Chapel Green Lane Pedestrian Improvements

The Bishopston, Cotham and Redland Neighbourhood Partnership have selected a scheme to improve pedestrian facilities at the junction of Lower Redland Road and Chapel Green Lane. The draft proposal is to introduce a build-out which will “reduce the width of the junction, slowing traffic and improving visibility for pedestrians when crossing”.

While this is not on one of the strategic cycle network routes, it is an important local link for cycling and is already very uncomfortable when turning right into Lower Redland Road. The scheme needs to be improved to take account of those cycling as well as pedestrians.

Here’s our response BristolCyclingCampaignresponsetoconsultationLowerRedlandRoad.

Space for Cycling

Does this measure advance the six themes of 1) Protected space on main roads; 2) Remove through motor traffic; 3) Safe routes to school; 4) Cycle friendly town centres; 5) Cycle routes in green spaces; 6) 20mph speed limits?

Amber – overall neutral

Road Danger Reduction

Does this measure seek a genuine reduction in danger for all road users by identifying and controlling the principal sources of threat?

Green – overall benefit

Triple A Quality (All Ages and Abilities)

Will this measure be attractive to all ages and abilities using all kinds of cycles?

Red – overall disbenefit

Strategic Cycling Network

How does this measure contribute to the development of Bristol Council’s planned integrated and coherent strategic cycle network?

Amber – overall neutral


How far does this measure provide for Triple A Space for Cycling in the future?

Red – overall disbenefit




  1. When resources are tight it is essential that measures like this make significant contributions to addressing fundamental issues, rather than minor mitigation of symptoms. This means tacking rat-running and through traffic, the main sources of danger in residential areas.
  2. This is currently a dangerous junction for cyclists and the proposed re-design does not address the current problems.
  3. We would prefer to see the closing off or restricting of motor vehicle traffic to westbound exit from Lower Redland Road where it meets Chapel Green Road. Eastbound motor traffic at this junction would be banned from continuing straight on, whilst allowing cyclists to do so, protected by an island to shelter behind before continuing straight on. The island would also slow motor vehicles coming down Chapel Green Road.
  4. The pavement buildout including provision for a tree is welcome and the reduction in the width of the junction will help slow traffic and improve visibility for pedestrians when crossing.
  5. Cyclists coming down Chapel Green Lane and continuing right around the corner often have to contend with cars pulling out in front of them.
  6. If this measure goes ahead without addressing the above issues it will make it more difficult to correct the issues in future due to other priorities as there is no provision for cycle-proofing for the future.