LSTF meeting

A very fruitful meeting last night (15 Oct) with Nick Pates, the Project Manager of the £2.3m LSTF (Local Sustainable Transport Fund) cycling projects. 8 of us, from the Bristol Cycle Forum, had a lively debate over the issues and ideas for 6 of the schemes. Details will be posted on or linked to from this site as and when received.

  • Avonmouth/ Kings Weston Lane where we will be working with local groups including Severnet to produce a Cycling/Transport for the area and working with Nick on improvements to the cycling infrastructure in the area. The main development will probably be a cycleway along Kings Weston Lane
  • Easton Way – a segregated cycleway to improve facilities in the area and provide a links to several nearby routes. This will be out for consultation soon.
  • St.Phillips Road – discussion around proposals to calm the area around the start of the Bristol to Bath Railway Path. This will be going out for consultation soon and we (with your support) will be pushing for cycling priority in this area as cycling is the main mode of transport.
  • Old Market – there have been plans in the press from one of the local organisations, but these have been produced fairly independently of the Council. We have criticsed these plans as they make no allowance for cycling and do not even show existing cycling facilities. We will be working with the Council to come up with cycling solutions for the area.
  • Conham Road – plans to make this one-way and use the redundant traffic lane as a 2-way shared use segregated path. This will be implemented via an “Experimental Traffic Order” – these are not consulted on prior to implementation but during the “experiment” that will be starting a little later in the year- so we are hanging fire for now, but hope that we can show much support for the scheme that is aimed at eliminating a “rat-run” and improving the area for active travel.
  • Stapleton Road – the Old Market end was recently resurfaced and the white lines (centre line and cycle lane markings)  were deliberately not replaced in order to calm traffic and avoid dooring due to the close proximity of the cycle lanes to parked cars (there had been 5 “dooring” incidents recorded prior to the resurfacing). we gave our support to this experiment that will hopefully now be made permanent, but with the addition of a buff-coloured central area.

There will be another meeting, probably in December, to discuss additional schemes, but it’s good that Nick is taking the opportunity to discuss these schemes with cycling stakeholders at an early stage. We had been on site visits with him ealier in the year. The meetings are open to anyone to attend – the invites primarily being through the Cycle Forum – see our Bristol Cycling Forum page (the Council page is not currently being updated!)