Majority of under 35s in employment in Bristol choose not to commute by car

We were sent this useful report back in the summer with the headline making point that we’ve hit a tipping point – the majority of under 35s in employment in Bristol choose not to commute by car!! 2011 Census Topic Report – Who cycles to work

The analysis is by Jayne Mills of the Performance, Information and Intelligence unit in Bristol City Council and while it is published on the Bristol Council website we’ve attached it here as these things sometimes go missing 😉


  • A typical person who cycles to work in Bristol is likely to be a white male, aged between 25 and 39, with a degree, who works full time in a professional occupation and who cycles to their workplace which is between 2km and 5km away.
  • People aged under 35 are choosing to get to work by more sustainable modes of transport, with those driving to work by car in the minority.
  • More than a thousand cyclists commute to work from both Ashley and Bishopston and every ward in the city had at least 100 cyclists commuting to work.

The report will shortly be posted on the BCC Census web page and on the Bristol Research Network site The headline findings will hopefully feed into the next State of the City report. 

PS Commuting flow statistics are due to be published at the end of July, although exactly what we will get is still being finalised by ONS.

This is part of a long term global trend. Read about Peak Car and this Nov 2013 report from the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) Peak Car Use in Britain.