Media Interest Escalates

With the recent spate of horrific deaths in London and in our area (see blog), cycling and safety is attracting a lot of media attention both locally and nationally. Martin McDonnell has appeared on BBC Radio Bristol to robustly defend the rationale some people use for crossing a white line at red. Not wanting to condone illegal behaviour, Martin explained that in many circumstances it is safer to be ahead of stationary traffic at the lights in order to be better seen, which is why we have Advanced Stop Lines here and why the laws in other countries allow for turning traffic on red. Sam Saunders appeared on national ITV News to put forward the point that future generations will look back and ask why didn’t we act to do more to prevent carnage on our roads?

If you haven’t already, please support the CTC’s petition to Boris Johnson to do more for cycling safety in London, which will have a positive knock on effect to the rest of the UK. Meanwhile we are due to meet with the Chief Constable of Avon & Somerset in December to seek ways in which we can work to improve the reporting and prosecution of people where there is a clear case to prove they have caused danger and injury to cyclists, as well as to other vulnerable road users.