Metrobus Works Warning

We’ve been contacted by Mary Todd who recently broke her right collar bone in two places after being ‘corkscrewed’ by works on the route of the long awaited Metrobus. She wants to warn everyone to look out for badly constructed concrete bus stop stand platforms (even if some of those works may only be temporary).

This is what she had to say:

“On Fri 14 July c.1140, I was cycling along Colston Avenue from the Hippodrome towards Lewin’s Mead, alongside the war memorial, and my front bike wheel got locked along the central edge of the concrete platform where it abuts the tarmac. The front wheel locking is the same as being put in a tramline, and totally destabilises one’s balance. I was corkscrewed off my bike onto the concrete. My head hammered on the concrete kerb, fortunately I always wear my helmet, which now has the indentations visible. My head was fine. BUT I have two R collar bone fractures. I was taken to the Minor Injuries Unit at Southmead Hospital, and on Saturday had to go to the Fracture Clinic, and am now in a sling, anticipating natural healing of the fractures. I have a return appointment on 26 July to monitor progress.

“I have reported this to Fix My Street at Bristol City Council. BUT I also want all cyclists in Bristol to be warned about the edge of these concrete platforms (which are for the Metrobus stops) as they abut the tarmac.  If they are not of equal height, as this one wasn’t, they are treacherous. I trust that all platforms will be checked (which I doubt!) but at least cyclists can be aware of the potential hazard.”

Please leave a comment if you know of any other similar problems on the Metrobus route. And please do as Mary has done: use Fix My Street to report them.