Mina Road campaign to make space for cycling

Residents living on Mina Road, St. Werburgh’s, have been suffering the negative effects of heavy cut-through traffic from the M32 for years. These effects include noise, pollution, speeding, road danger and difficulty crossing the road.

Drivers routinely ignore the 20mph limit, lorries ignore the 7.5 ton ban and the volume and speed of motor traffic is excessive for a small carriageway bounded by a park, local shops and a primary school. A recent traffic audit counted over 700 motor vehicles in a 2.5hr period.

Now residents have set up Mina Road Action Group to tackle these problems. With support from councillor Jude English, they have begun a campaign to close the M32 end of Mina Road. This would end cut-throughs but still allow residents to drive in and out of the area.

Such a change would transform the neighbourhood and radically improve it for cycling and walking, enhancing the public space and helping to reduce pollution. Across Bristol, motor traffic is squeezing out other transport options – and this campaign is very much about equitable access to street space, where all can travel safely. As one local resident wrote:

“The council must go further in providing safe walking and cycling provision on Mina Road. A short section of one -way segregated cycle lane doesn’t cut it.”

Mina Road Action Group are calling for the introduction of a simple and cheap Experimental Traffic Restriction Order which allows the community to trial a road restriction for 18 months, monitor how traffic responds and how the change impacts residents. Drivers would be expected to sit a few minutes longer in the comfort of their cars and use the appropriate exit for their onward journeys to Ashley Hill or via Eastgate shopping centre. The group have started a petition which currently has over 300 signatories and are distributing posters across the area to build support. If you are interested to know more or to join the group, please email us at

[email protected]  or please sign our petition at