Missing link cycle path in Ashton Court nears completion

If you’re out for your once a day exercise in Ashton Court you should have a look at the new path below the mansion.  This is something the estimable John Grimshaw has been quietly working away at with plans first set out in 2015, Ashton Court missing link. He was spotted having a socially distant lunch break with fellow volunteers the other weekend.

We usually look to our councils for cycle routes and facilities, but not in this case. The land belongs to UWE and is provided at a peppercorn rent of £1 a year. Constuction and maintenance costs are raised from Veolia Environmental Trust (Landfill Communities Fund). There has apparently been a small contribution from North Somerset Council, but not from Bristol Council. It’s another example of the ‘just do it’ approach that set up the Bristol Bath Railway Path and marked The start of cycle campaigning in Bristol, lessons for today?