More irrelevant cycling ‘infrastructure’

Bristol's New Fragment of Cycle Lane 01
This is a new ‘bike lane’ on the Jacobs Wells roundabout, a horrid junction for cycling.

And shameful in a city that is now calling itself a ‘Green Capital’

The problem is making a safe approach from Hotwells Road – this doesn’t solve that at all and might encourage some to use an inside lane (not safe). These lanes put the person in completely the worst position.
We think there are about three and a half people in the Bristol Council who understand cycling, and they are hopelessly overstretched.
Other transport planners and engineers are just going through the motions putting in 20 year old designs because nobody has told them to stop and do it properly.
And don’t get us started on South Gloucestershire, North Somerset or BANES, who make Bristol look good.