Neighbourhood Cycling plans

Having spent last year focussed on the Strategic Cycle Network for the Bristol region which formed the basis of the Bristol Cycling Manifesto routes, we’re now moving onto the next stage: Neighbourhood Sustainable Transport Plans.  

Our aim it identify the local links needed to connect the strategic cycle network to where people live, work, shop, study and play. This is very much in keeping with the Space for Cycling campaign. We will be building local plans with the aim of shaping the thinking and priorities of neighbourhood partnerships (NP), councillors and communities, in the same way that we have been successful at council level with our Freedom to Ride manifesto.

There is now a section on our site for each NP in Bristol, with similar areas covering South Glos and North Somerset. This shows the strategic cycle routes through each area and we’ll be adding in local links over the coming months perhaps starting with safer routes to school.

We have been making use of the experience of other campaign groups around the country on this, in particular:

Get in touch if you are able to help with this more local work.