Neighbourhood Partnerships city-wide conference 7th Feb 2015

Neighbourhood Partnerships are an important part of how Bristol works (there are equivalent fora in South Glos). They shape local priorities including policing, traffic schemes, and developments. There is an acknowledged problem with the representation on these groups and it is particular acute when considering attitudes to change and specifically cycling. Attached are notes from a city-wide event on 7th February 2015 of NPs Citywide NP event 7th Feb 2015 Notes. The aim is to help shape how local democracy may work in Bristol following the Mayoral elections in 2016 and any possible devolution from central government.

The next Citywide NP Event will be held at the MSHED on the 24th October 2015.

BCyC is working to encourage more involvement by members and supporters in their local NP. We are also working on Local Active Travel Strategies (LATS) that can help to define the direction of travel (!) for decisions.

Transport Workshop

  1. How do you find out about strategic projects ?
  • CB Bedminster – last minute not enough time for consultation .
  • Accidental , eg cycle in Bedminster . It seems like most BCC input is into cycling .
  • Reading Evening Post
  • Online media
  • Highways officers – reactive. Secretive. reluctant . Demotivated. Could they tell us more. They don’t always know.
  • Occasional – being asked for support . If supported, hear, if not, not.
  1. What is the balance between strategic and local interest from NPs (need to catch it early – pm)
  • Hengrove and Stockwood– discussions v. local – but would like more input into, eg Temple Zone
  • BCR – concerns about local hills & older people
  • GF Officers need to hear from local , eg sticking out at bus stops in GF.
  • Cabot – congestion – local needs strategic support.
  • Want more support from police on cycling safety & enforcement .
  • BS10 – not a balance at moment – no support for local initiatives
  1. How should NPs engage with strategic projects ? (Why should we ? What’s the point ?) – resident led groups

Scrutiny Commission Forums – NPs to take part ?

  • Visits to see things that are working ?
  • Health should be combined with transport
  • Want to influence buses – how can citizens do this ? (fares and controls)
  • Want to make walking more high profile . Govt funding is focussed on cycling. – Why more focus on cycling . NPs could have impact by id key opportunities
  • NP influence on street initiative.
  • NPs to engage – need to be given weight properly ., eg petition in GF . NPS currently not a stat consultees

Needs to be a stat consultees

  • NPs could feed in to scrutiny plans – with feedback.
  • Transport Workshop 2
  • Not everyone can cycle
  • Communication
  • Accessible to all cycling a good thing
  • Can be 1D
  1. How do you find out about strategic projects ?
  • Can be hard to understand – inc decisions being made.
  • Great difficulty , have to go looking, not proactive – newspapers
  • Not alerted or engaged with, have to make effort.
  • Wen formal NPs do get asked.
  • Greater Bedminster – metro bus case & when have to
  • IN DV – for SM link
  • Random – what , when , what stage & what influence we might have.
  • Also random response to progress . Want whole list of schemes .
  • GF – felt marginalised and ridiculed .
  1. What is the balance of interest between strategic and local interest from NPs
  • GF- feels strategic projects locally & concerns about local implementation
  • Clifton – lots of local interest when big schemes are implemented
  • NP stuff – doesn’t get presented in strategic context – needs to be more joined up – officers need knowledge.
  • Want walking to be a strategic
  • Want citywide view of local projects plus other areas
  • Can be difficult to get balance between strategic & local e walking and cycling Use subgroups
  • AELH transport group looks at both.
  • Henleaze school travel group – good eg of link – active travel along strategic route. Need to work together
  1. How should NPs engage with strategic projects and at what stage?
  • Clifton MS – want to influence quality of work & feedback on the work & feedback into the work.
  • DV- like SB link – good engagement – Stat consultees – Needs links with other funds eg the CCG to health
  • Transport group AELH – looks at strategic
  • Transport can provide info , about strategic to NPs – need better comms
  • GF – ridiculed and marginalise . fishponds high street . Slick at bus stops LH turn HL

Need to let NPs (all of us) know what the projects are .

  • Need info on council website – better public visibility
  • All residents need to know – if NPs were better source, residents would come.
  • Mobility Scooters GM
  • On pavements
  • On roads
  • Parking
  • Policy/guidelines required


  1. Ability of NPs to input into strategic transport planning pre consultation phase
  2. Bringing NPs together to look at strategic transport planning
  3. Scrutiny of strategic transport projects via NPs
  4. NPs being statutory consultees at an early stage in the development.

Next Steps

Peter Mann will go back and look at potential for NPs becoming more involved in strategic developments