New council site to propose or support a street improvement

It’s good to see a new tool from Bristol Council for proposing street improvements for cycling (and other modes). This is similar to the innovative Bristol Bugbears site which was only open from April to October 2016.

The site appears to have been preloaded with ‘pre 2018’ issues, probably from the ‘Tracker’ section of the Traffic Choices website. That however remains a very useful site with examples and costs of the kinds of measures that can be used.

The site is focussed on specific issues rather than routes or area improvements. For that we still consider our Bristol Cycling Network plan and the local area maps set out the strategic way forward for cycling, together with the specific measures in each ward identified for the 2016 council elections.

Don’t forget, our section on Useful Information has all the relevant information for local campaigning. Here’s what the new site is about:

This webform is designed to capture requests for local street improvements. It can be used to highlight safety concerns and request physical changes to Bristol streets, such as introducing new pedestrian crossings, parking restrictions and traffic calming features.

Before you start, If your issue relates to:

To add your support to an existing street improvement click on