New Great Western trains can carry up to 10 cycles

BCyC member Christopher Orlik has been digging away to find out how many cycles can be carried on the IEP trains on the electrified Great Western Main Line. The answer is that it depends on the length of the train. “The nine car trains can accommodate ten bicycles and the five car trains can accommodate four” say Hitachi Rail, adding that “spaces are pre-bookable.” 
Hitachi Rail also say “As part of the interior design process for the Class 800/801 trains, a large number of stakeholder groups were invited to see the mock-up and feedback their suggestions. In total, we had approximately 200 visits and estimate that approximately 2,000 people came to see the mock-up. This included representatives of groups such as the CTC, Sustrans and Cycle-Rail Working Group. Many points of the feedback were taken on board and changes were made to the design, which was our response to the technical specification which we had been issued. The outcome of those collaborative discussions was that the number of bicycle spaces was agreed to be ten on the nine-car train and four on the five-car trains.  
“In terms of your query regarding where the trains will run, the nine-car trains are currently planned to run on electrified lines only to and from London to Bristol and London to Cardiff and Swansea. It is anticipated that the five-car trains diagrams will be coupled to form ten-cars in peak periods, but this will be decided by the operator.”