Nostalgia Photo Quiz and Ride

Here’s a bit of seasonal fun for you. Can you guess the location of the building or site by street name and area?

You are welcome to have a go from the comfort of your hearth and home. Why not also join us on the associated ride on  January 22nd 2017 where all will be revealed.

A prize of around £35 will go to either the first set of fully correct locations, or the highest number of correctly deduced sites. Prize is either (A) a fully rechargeable FWE 500 lumen front light, OR, (B) your choice of a framed print from the set of Historic Bristol Photographs available from Memories, Corn Exchange.

Open to members and active supporters. Send in your entries to  [email protected].


  • 01           Travel at ‘mach speed’ to this old station
  • 02           Someone would not have been amused by this place
  • 03           A busy location for just a small rented farm
  • 04           A bit of a climb to get your papers fastened
  • 05           The bard might feel at home here
  • 06           A verdant spot for a coal head
  • 07           This road will keep you well nourished
  • 08           A nasal habit is the backdrop to this modestly priced bridge
  • 09           Make haste, and merrily, to this pithead
  • 10           A celebrity is home for the weekend at his birthplace