Proposed new routes discussed at Nov’15 Bristol Cycle Forum

At the Bristol Cycle Forum on 19th November there was news of two big and important topics. Firstly, finally, there seems to be some movement on opening up The Downs for more walking and cycling. Secondly, James Coleman of Bristol City Council took us through proposals spending the next round of Cycling City Ambition Fund (CCAF2). This is the main source of government funding for the next couple of years. It is now proposed to be spent on:

East-West Route

From the Centre at Broad Quay a separated route will be installed along Baldwin Street to connect with the current track continuing to Castle Park. This section is very much dependent on the Metrobus works. There are currently no plans to reconfigure the junction at Bristol Bridge though it was pointed out the lights keep walkers and cyclists waiting some considerable time. At the west end of Castle Park the cobbled section may receive some smoothing with improved levelling for westbound cyclists, subject to heritage considerations. At Old Market, where the roundabout has already been improved, a Quietway will take cycles viae the east side of Temple Way into Redcross Street across an improved junction to Braggs Lane and into Trinity St thereby linking into the Bristol & Bath Path. The thinking behind this is to avoid some of the conflict with businesses along St Philips Road that make great use of large vehicles.

Filwood Quietway

This will use the route currently being constructed as part of Metrobus along the west side of Redcliffe Hill. However this stops short of Redcliffe roundabout and needs adequate linking to the Redcliffe Way (Bascule) Bridge cycle track (towards Queen Sqare). Toucan crossings will take cyclists to the Clarence Road cycle track and then a new (and no doubt very expensive bridge) which will take the route across the Avon New Cut and into Whitehouse Road. The bridge will be a simpler design than the planned Camden Road one, so hopefully costs will not spiral beyond what is possible this time. A widened shared use pavement on Whitehouse Road will lead to Victoria Park. Here it is hoped the awkward (and trike/trailer unfriendly) barriers can be removed and a segregated lane take through the Park, all subject to consultation. Along St Johns Road and Wedmore Road the route will either be segregated or shdare use. There are also options here to take the route across green space to Daventry Rd with the route finally finishing in Filwood Broadway. It is anticipated the final section will not need much treatment as traffic levels are relative low.

Easton Traffic Cells

A consultation run by Sustrans which will include an online tool will start for residents in January 2016.  The focus of the scheme will be on the needs of the residents (over those of poeple passing through) and could involve anything from simple planters to road closures, depending on the outcome of the consultation. It is expected this will deliver by April 2018. 

North-South Route

Starting in Prince St a high quality segregated route will take you via Broad Quay to Nelson St, Fairfax St and on to Cabot Circus. Much of this ties in with the Metrobus works in the Centre and a scheme to improve the streetscape around Nelson and Fairfax streets.

Southmead Quietway

This is mainly a signed route, however speed tables will be installed at certain points and there will be improved crossing provision.

Malago Quietway

Improvements are planned to the current route. A consultation will be set up using the same online tool used for Easton to allow users of the rout to flag any issues. It was commented that better signage is definitely needed here.

Cycle Hangers

The plan is to install 14 covered on-street parking facilities across the city – one for each Neighbourhood Partnership aread. There will be an application process where the community will need to find 6 users and decide on the hanger’s position. There will be small charge for users.

Date of Next Meeting: Thursday 21 January 2016, 6pm to 8pm