Old fire station site planning application – not bad, could be better

A planning application has gone in for the old fire station site (19/01255/F), on Counterslip and surrounding roads. This has been submitted by Cubex, the same company responsible for the adjacent Finzel’s Reach and the new bridge across from Castle Park.

The plans show that significant consideration has been made for cycling, which should be applauded, but there are a few issues with the design which should be rectified.  Here’s our response:

We support the provision of a bi-directional segregated cycle track along Counterslip. It is unclear from the application documents as to the priority at the vehicle crossover to the Aurora building. We strongly recommend that vehicles turning in from Counterslip give way to cyclists on the cycle track in accordance with best practice. 

The cycling contraflow is located on the right hand side of Temple Street. This unusual arrangement is presumably to enable access to the signalised crossing but we recommend that this is reconsidered. The signalised crossing should be a ‘toucan’ crossing permitting cycles rather than a ‘puffin’ crossing as shown. 

A cycle contraflow should be provided on the one way section of Temple Back. Temple Back is identified in the City Centre Framework as a cycle route and the proposal as shown would prohibit this. Thought should be given to how cycles can access to and from Temple Back onto the cycle track on Counterslip.  

We also recommend the ground floor cycle storage is further subdivided rather than a single large store, as recommended in the cycle storage section of Bristol City Council’s Urban Living SPD.