Our response to the draft Cycling delivery plan

(Deadline passed 27 Nov 2014)

Bristol Cycling Campaign has submitted a response to the consultation on the draft Cycle Delivery Plan from the DfT. BristolCyclingCampaignresponsetoconsultationonDfTCyclingDeliverPlan

The consultation is open until 11.15am on Thursday 27th November. It is very helpful if there are also responses from individuals and other organisations. You may wish to copy and paste the following into an email and send to [email protected]


I write in response to the consultation on the Cycle Delivery Plan. I wish make the following six points and I support the detailed points made in the submission by Bristol Cycling Campaign.

  1. Vision, leadership and ambition: The plan is weak in these areas
  2. Funding: The absence of long term committed funding for revenue and capital must be looked at again
  3. Infrastructure and Planning: DfT must issue national guidance on how to deliver Space for Cycling
  4. Safety and Perceptions of Safety: The review of sentencing policy is a welcome step towards Road Justice but should extend to the driving test. A firmer commitment to Bikeability would be welcome.
  5. Governance and Monitoring:   Clearer monitoring and evaluation to ensure effective use of resources and sharing of learning should be enhanced.
  6. Partnerships:   Local authorities and Local Enterprise Partnerships should be given stronger incentives to participate and to involve local stakeholders.