Petition: Uninterrupted Cycle Lane on both sides along entire Gloucester Road

There’s a petition running to improve cycling facilities in Gloucester Road that we think is worth supporting – please sign it.

It’s quite simple:


Why are there cycle lanes only on some portions of the Gloucester Road? Make them continuous all the way from Zetland Rd to the British Aerospace roundabout.

Background information

Eventually there should be fully segregated cycle lanes on this route used by hundreds of cyclists every day. Until then, at least paint cycle lanes to stop motor vehicles from driving near the pavement forcing cyclists to weave between cars slowing down their progress and increasing the risk of injury.

It’s particularly important for at least 3 reasons:

1. There is another petition to increase parking on Gloucester Road (outbound in morning peak and vice versa in the evening) that would be detrimental to cycling and evidence shows that businesses do not necessarily suffer when parking is reduced – quite the opposite in fact.

2. Our work on Road Justice for Gloucester Road shows that the road is dangerous for cycling – measures to reduce this danger and make the road more enticing to cyclists is a priority.

3. The Gloucester Road Cycle Safety Scheme (including development of an adjacent cycle route) may not go ahead in it’s entirety and in any case did not address the real need – for a segregated (“Protected”) cycleway down the main road (the “desire line” – although we are assured that the Junction Improvements (where most of the collisions take place) will continue.

Can we take this opportunity to remind people that there is an alternative to Gloucester Road for those who prefer to get off the main roads – the Concorde Way (see “Other Routes” towards the bottom of the page, with videos of route!) – UWE take advantage of this route for their “Cycle Train” from the Arches to Frenchay Campus (map) and you can use it all the way fron Cabot Circus to Parkway Station and Bradley Stoke Lesiure Centre,

This is an independent petition – not Bristol Cycling Campaign. It only takes a minute to register and sign it. Thanks.