Please spare an hour on our stand at Let’s Ride Sun 16th. June

On Sunday 16th. June, Bristol council are staging their “Let’s Ride” city-centre one-day cycling festival, whereby several city-centre roads around Millennium Square are opened exclusively to cyclists and pedestrians. The council have contracted the running of the event to British Cycling, who are sponsored by HSBC. This event used to be called “Bristol’s Biggest Bike Ride”. If you have never attended it is exhilarating to see children and parents, novices and commuters enjoying cycling in such a large (7,000 attendees) event, relaxing free from intimidation from (a small but significant minority of) motorists. Very many of the participants would never dare to cycle on roads, were it not for this event. Congratulations to Bristol council and British Cycling.

Let’s Ride Bristol

We, Bristol Cycling, are collaborating with British Cycling to lead a few short rides to help novices and families to find the more comfortable routes from suburbs in to Millennium Square to attend the event. For example, this ride in from Knowle and Filwood, and this ride in from St. Werburgh’s and this ride in from Greville Smythe park.

Bristol Cycling will have a stand at the event, to tell all those lovely cyclists about all we do to make a case for those who choose to cycle (or who would like to dare to cycle) to be free to do so with the same convenience and safety which is the norm when people chose instead to use cars. WE NEED VOLUNTEERS please to staff our stand. We recommend our supporters to visit this event, and if so, can you please also spend an hour or so assisting at our stand. It would be helpful for you to let us know at [email protected] or otherwise, just call in to see us.