Pot holes and street defects

During the winter months, Bristol’s streets can take a real hammering. What were once small cracks and crevices in the tarmac turn into wheel-busting, possibly bone-busting craters.

Any time of year is good for reporting any dangerous road defect and the best place to do this is via Fix My Street. Bristol Council have integrated this national tool into their website with a very useful map overlay so you can see what others have reported. The council will also update actions so you can also track what’s been done. Cycling UK also have Fill That Hole. The website has a link to an easy to use app for both Android and iPhone. It’s not only very efficient but gives feedback and spits out statistics on how well local authorities are doing. Bristol is pretty good at fixing these quickly – but it still needs you to do your bit…

For other street defects Bristol has an easy to use site here and South Gloucestershire has one here. For an overview there’s this page on betterbybike.info.

If you’ve wondered which roads get gritted, and what happens on the Bristol Bath Railway Path, read this.