Potholes – is there a crisis?

Potholes are in the news with one in five local roads in poor condition as councils face funding deficit. How are we doing in Greater Bristol?

In general this is one area where Bristol Council has performed well with most road defects fixed within 10 days of reporting. Our Useful Information page includes links for reporting road defects and other issues. We encourage road users to make use of either fixmystreet.com or fillthathole.org.uk to report problems since as well as notifying the relevant council they both have maps showing all reported issues along with updates.

Fillthathole.org.uk is from Cycling UK and has the additional feature of a league table of councils showing how many reported issues have been resolved. This does of course depend on the authority having the will and the systems to update issues, but they can also be updated by users. Looks like these systems may be creaking a bit for Bristol as they’ve dropped down #22 (with South Glos at 137, and North Somerset at 174).

Bristol Council have integrated the fixmystreet.com national tool into their website so all issues go through this route. There is a very useful map overlay so you can see what others have reported and add your comments. South Glos, North Somerset and BaNES don’t have the same level of integration but should still be used for reporting.

What’s your experience of reporting street defects?