Probably the best day for British Cycling since the war – but still a way to go!

The Twittersphere has been alive with comment on the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group report released on 24 April. A report is no good without the muscle to back it up. So far peanuts have been spent on cycling – all we need now is a bagfull of peanuts from central government and more importantly local government.


The report is here:

A petition to make the governement get real is here:

Comment from Peter Walker in The Guardian here:

Or if you’ve no time for anything else – a quick graphic from The Times:

A 20minute interview with the Bristol Post led to an article calling for a Cycling Commiissioner and mention of our forthcoming Manifesto

Mayor George Ferguson has tweeted that he has signed up to the petition and is encouraging others to do likewise, so let’s make it easy for him and everyone sign up via the link above.

Bristol featured in National Press – a lot to go for but we’re in the spotlight now! Good to see you in the national press Bristol rides high by scouring world for cycle friendly ideas.

UPDATED 29 April