Protect your bike for free with Found

Here is another option to register your bike with free of charge. Found joins or All forces check recovered bikes against these databases. See our Bike Security page.

Found provides a free, easy to use, mobile app for you to register valuables such as bikes and cycling equipment. Once registered with Found if the bike or equipment is ever lost or stolen their technology and community network help search for it.

Found is a Bristol based business who are building the community that protects. They have created a network of both public members and businesses to form a connected community. Found combine this community with their innovative technology to help track and recover lost and stolen valuables – including bikes.

Reuniting people with their lost or stolen possessions as quickly as possible is the Found team’s passion. In their quest to do this they have begun working with cycling communities to help combat the growing problem of bike theft.

The Found app also provides a way to store photos of your bike and any receipts. Along with capturing information such as serial numbers and identifying marks. All of this information can help, should you ever need to provide proof of purchase and ownership for your bike. The Found app is not just for bikes, you can also register your other valuables with them – such as laptops, mobile phones and keys.

What are you waiting for? Join the community that protects for free. Visit to download the app and register your bike to protect it with Found.