Putting lives first on Bristol’s roads – A Safe Systems Approach

We warmly welcome the long awaited road danger reduction strategy from Bristol Council, A Safe Systems Approach to Road Safety in Bristol – A ten year plan 2015-2024 (document in link below). This is the Road Danger Reduction Strategy we’ve been calling for as part of our Road Justice campaign.

We do feel there is too much emphasis on the ‘fatal four’ (speed, drink, mobile phones and seat belts, also the centre of the police strategy above), as the cause for deaths and injuries. Important though speed is for more vulnerable road users, none of these factors appeared to contribute to any of the incidents in our Gloucester Road analysis. There it was all turning manoeuvres, parking, car doors. The fatal four are not at the top of the police/council contributory factors collision data either. The document doesn’t make explicit the connection between the barrier of people’s perception of the dangers of cycling and the need for lower speed limits and active enforcement to encourage more to cycle.

Overall, an encouraging set of developments. Now we need to make sure practice follows by policy through a Road Danger Reduction Forum involving councils, police, professional road users and others (we’ll be there of course!)

Profound thanks to the dedicated team of 2 who have pushed our Road Justice campaign forward. They’ve now been joined by the local representative of RoadPeace.

A Safe System Approach to Road Safety in Bristol