Railway path, not relief road

A public meeting is to be held on Tue 30 Jan to talk about making a new green route through Brislington instead of a polluting new road (6pm, St. Peter’s Methodist Church Hall, Allison Road, Brislington).

The Greater Brislington local councillors will be voicing their united opposition to the Callington Relief Road (as proposed under the WECA Joint Spatial Plan and recently reported by us here) and proposing a Railway Path instead. The associated petition is now pushing 500 signatures.

Our Space4Cycling team will be at the meeting to talk about the benefits of improved cycling infrastructure as opposed to the building of more roads.

Also at the meeting will be two Bristol Cabinet Members, Nicola Beech and Mhairi Threlfall. They will be promoting the road scheme, which many locals, including local Councillors from all parties, are vehemently opposed to.

So it is imperative that we have a strong voice to speak up for active travel and the more of us that can make it to the meeting the more likely we are to persuade Cllrs Beech and Threlfal that yet another road scheme is not what Bristol needs.