Rebel Riders – Climate Change Ride to London, April 12th – 15th

Extinction Rebellion group bare bums in the House of Commons

You may have heard, or seen about Extinction Rebellion (XR) by now. Remember the bare bums in the House of Commons?

In the week starting April 15th, XR will be mounting its biggest and most disruptive action yet, to force the government to take emergency action on climate change.  This page explains more.

Thousands of people will be coming to blockade central London for a week or more.  Some of them will be cycling.  A group will be leaving Cornwall a few days before, with others joining them along the way.  There will be a group riding from Bristol to join them in Frome on Friday April 12th.

Would you like to join these “rebel riders”? If so, please email Steve Melia for more information.