Road Rage on Nelson Street

If you’ve had problems riding this road please let us know

If you’re cycling along Nelson Street perhaps you should wear a flak jacket or, at least, a GoPro camera. In the last couple of months two of our members have reported road rage incidents involving buses and bikes.

A bit of an uneven battle you might think 15 tons against 15 kilos. Double decker buses pick on someone your own size!

But this is serious; someone might get hurt. Observations by our members suggest that these incidents are the tip of the iceberg, with many other cyclists suffering similar intimidation. As usual most cyclists, accept their second class status, just give way, get off the bike, get on the pavement, inconvenience pedestrians etc.

Legally, of course, we don’t have to do that. The cycle contraflow on Nelson Street heading towards the Centre is in force. The paint has worn thin (we suggested repainting to the Council) but the signs are clearly there and drivers must obey them; even FirstBus drivers are not above the law! Please don’t try to run cyclists off the road!

Our members have complained to FirstBus and reported the incidents to the Police but, of course, nothing was done. We have suggested bus drivers should receive instruction and training and have made our fears known to the Council. Really all we want is that buses keep to their side of the road give way to cyclists on the contraflow before overtaking and don’t overtake bikes heading to Broadmead, given the lack of space.

We sympathise with bus drivers; it’s not their fault; they should not be put in this position. Nelson Street is far too narrow a road to be used as a main bus route and, in fact, dual carriageway. The fault lies with the road design and use.

The Council have plans for Nelson Street and are well aware of our views as to their inadequacy. If you’ve been the victim of, or witnessed, an incident on Nelson Street please let us know at [email protected] or come to one of our meet ups The next is 6pm Thursday 12 July at King William Ale House, 20 King St, Bristol BS1 4EF.

Something should be done before someone is seriously hurt or worse.