Severn Beach – Parallel Crossings on Western Approach Distribution Park

South Glos Council are consultation on 5 new parallel priority crossings linking up sections of an existing shared footway/cycle track around the industrial park, part of the Highways England motorway cycle improvements scheme.

Bristol Cycling Campaign broadly supports these proposals, although we have some reservations about the detailed designs presented in the drawings.

First it should be noted that the absence of a proper key on the drawings makes it difficult to be certain exactly what is being proposed.

Our comments are:

  • It is good that minor modifications to the routing of the paths will be made to avoid the need for unnecessarily awkward sharp turns by cyclists.
  • We support the principle of segregation of cyclists from pedestrians wherever possible, as we believe this enables each to know where they should ride/walk and therefore minimises potential conflict between them. We therefore consider the proposed parallel crossings to be preferable to shared crossings.
  • However there is a risk of confusion on the approaches to the crossings and we urge that segregation be implemented wherever possible on the approaches to the crossings particularly on the new sections of path. Ideally the paths should be widened and
    segregated further back from the crossings.
  • Ideally the location/design of the crossings should enable both cyclists and pedestrians to stay as close as possible to their desire lines. For cyclists, this would be better achieved if the whole of Crossing1 (Warburtons) could be moved to the left.