Simultaneous green junctions in Bristol, why, how and where

As our local councils are finalising their plans for the second round of Cycling Ambition Fund, we’ve been pushing for inspirational examples of some of the infrastructure we saw during the BCyC Study Tour last year.

We are keen to do something new for both Bristol and the UK: a simultaneous green junction. If built this would be a fantastic win for the whole of the UK, showing that the safe and practical green only phase for cycling can be done. It really would be ground breaking – London doesn’t need to have all the glory when it comes to building cycling infrastructure!

We visited David Hembrow, a British cycling campaigner living in the Netherlands. He has a blog with unrivalled information on all sorts of Dutch infrastructure.

Hembrow’s blog posts on simultaneous green junctions

Here are some more videos by another campaigner showing it in motion.

Dutch annular (ring) roundabout

It’s important to note that there’s no singular approach to doing simultaneous green. You can just hold back the cyclists and let them loose, whether on junctions 10 lanes wide, or smaller ones that are completely asymmetric.

Ranty Highwayman, an anonymous civil engineer, has designed a UK legal simultaneous green junction (see image of the plan above). Given Bristol’s experimentation (the informal zebras on Baldwin Street, or the crossing on the Welsh Back) we would like to see more of a push for improving cycling in the UK by trialling this junction.

There would be the opportunity for some positive Green Capital press – this really would b a green junction for green capital!

Oh, and while we’re at it, we need to end the year with plans for Bristol’s first Annular Roundabout.