St Luke’s Road Consultation Summary

Disappointing that this scheme is not going ahead as it would improve a very uncomfortable pinch point but hopefully a more radical scheme will become possible next time this is looked at.

Subject: Cycling Ambition Fund – St Luke’s Road Consultation Summary

From: Jon Usher, Bristol Council

Dear All, 

I would like to thank you all for taking the time to write to us and comment on the proposals for changes to St. Luke’s Road. I would also like to sincerely apologise for the time it has taken to respond to the original consultation that closed in April. However, this is as a result of the painstaking efforts we have made to try to take on board all the comments received. 
The consultation received over 100 comments, which represents a response rate of just over 11% from the leaflets delivered. Approximately 55% were in favour of the scheme, with 39% objecting. Of those that supported the principle behind the scheme, many had reservations about one element or another of the scheme details. The general themes emerging from the consultation were:
  • Support the scheme
  • Support the scheme but dislike shuttle signals
  • Support the scheme but dislike shared use
  • Object to the scheme because of traffic disruption
  • Object to the scheme because of noise/air quality concerns
  • Object as the scheme is a waste of money
  • Neutral but request additional safe crossing of St. Luke’s Road into Victoria Park

 Following the comments received during the consultation we have been looking at ways to improve the design. In particular, we have been looking at:

  • How cyclists join and leave the widened footway at the southern end of the railway bridge
  • Improvements to the existing desire line from Totterdown steps into Victoria Park
  • Further physical measures to slow vehicles – keeping speeds at or under the existing 20mph limit
  • General access into Victoria Park

We’re aware that there has been significant concern about the impacts of the proposed scheme on traffic in the local area. The morning peak already experiences queuing along St Luke’s Road and any proposal will have an impact on this. Working with the results of the consultation a number of variations to the original design were looked at including:

  • keeping cyclists at carriageway level under the bridge on a segregated path
  • trying to incorporate a crossing from the Totterdown steps into Victoria Park
  • reducing queuing traffic (therefore noise and air quality concerns)

However, despite of a number of variations to the design it was clear that it would not be possible to design a scheme that met all the requests and needs of the local community, whilst also meeting the objectives of the Cycling City Ambition Grant to provide a safe cycling facility.

A decision has therefore been taken to withdraw the proposed scheme on St. Luke’s Road, and reallocate the funding elsewhere within the Cycling City Ambition Project. This decision does not affect the proposed investment at Langton Street (Banana) Bridge. 

We will continue to work with the local community, the Neighbourhood Partnership and Councillors to see if there are other solutions for St Luke’s Road that will satisfy current road users as well as enable more people to cycle or walk that could generate a broader public backing. 

With kind regards, 

Jon Usher

Project & Community Engagement Manager
Cycling Ambition Fund