Stay Wider of the Rider

Does your blood boil when the driver of a vehicle overtakes you with inches to spare, only for you to meet them seconds later at the lights?

London Cycling Campaign have launched a new campaign to tackle the problem of the “close pass”. That is, drivers overtaking people on bikes with little room to spare, which at best is intimidating and at worse, life-threatening:

Should we be running the same campaign here in Bristol? A few months ago, Avon & Somerset Police did run a successful, albeit brief trial to educate and warn drivers of the problem. But the will to continue with this has fizzled out, despite evidence this is a cost-effective way to save lives and make cycling appealing to more people.

So here’s your chance to do something to change this. Join our campaign team and help us rid Bristol of this problem. Please drop us a line or come along to one of our face to face catch ups.

The London campaign has a petition to the Department for Transport which anyone can sign.