Stop killing our children

While our streets look like something from the 1950s in the midst of coronavirus lockdown, we need to rethink what ‘normal’ looks like. Stop Killing our Children is a documentary crowdfunded and produced by our friends at ETA Trust (ethical insurance with strong cycle offering). It is a review of where the Dutch are fifty years after their transformative campaign for road danger reduction.

So why are we talking about this at a website for a Bristol advocacy group? Becase it makes us realise how much death and destruction in our streets has become normalised over recent decades. Traffic congestion and poisoned air are recognised as two of the biggest crises faced by our city. Meanwhile the hundreds of pedestrians and cyclists injured by motorists each year in Bristol is not an issue.

Stop Killing our Children examines how road danger damages us all, whatever our age and however we travel, and questions our collective blindness to both its cause and remedy. We think this video does justice to the subject matter and reminds us why we’ve done study tours to the Netherlands in the past (What we learned on our Dutch Study Tour)

It’s well worth finding 40 mins to watch this, but have a box of tissues handy.

Stop Killing our Children from ETA on Vimeo.