Bristol Cycling Summit considers the Manifesto

On Wednesday 17 July 2013 we hosted the Bristol Cycling Summit at Armada House. Mayor George Ferguson updated us with his plans for cycling in Bristol and we had key speakers who talked about why cycling is important for Bristol, including the new Strategic Director of Public of Health, Janet Maxwell and the Manager of Bristol Green Capital, Darren Hall. Read article here.

We’re calling for investment of £109 million over 12 years to quadruple cycling. The campaign has four elements:

* A strategy for cycling – what needs doing and why

* A map of the network of cycling Freeways, Quietways and Local Links

* The Manifesto calling for the five essential actions from the Strategy

* The Bristol Cycling Manifesto petition to support the Manifesto

There has already been good coverage in the Bristol Post with this article before the launch and then this one. Also Bristol 24-7Bike Biz and others.

Here is the Press Release from 29/5/2013 and the flyer and leaflet with all the details.

We’re calling on everyone who would benefit from more people cycling in Bristol (and that’s everyone, not just those who ride) to sign the Bristol Cycling Manifesto.