A Strategy for Cycling in a European Green Capital

(Article updated 10 July post the event – with links to presentations and speaker names added.)

Bristol Cycling Campaign hosted an event on Weds 9th July to review the Bristol Council Cycle Strategy and to prepare the way for the 2014 Bristol Cycling Summit, which will be in the autumn.

It was at City Hall from 5:30pm – 7:30pm on Weds 9th July.

Come along for a concise overview of what’s going on in Bristol and summary of what to expect over the coming years. This will see the opening of consultation on the official Bristol Council Cycle Strategy which will set out the response to our Bristol Cycling Manifesto.

We’re up against some stiff competition from other Bristol Cycle Festival events but this is the one that will actually enable more people to have the Freedom to Ride in Bristol.


The Consultation is now open online at https://www.citizenspace.com/bristol/city-transport/cycle-strategy/consult_view with a chance to give your views. Please contribute and if possible share your views with us either via our Yahoo Discussion Group Facebook page Twitter or drop us an email