Super Lorries Arrive in Bristol

We’ve been alerted by Tessa Fitzjohn to a new EU directive agreed by David Cameron which, as a UK pilot, is allowing super lorries onto UK roads.  What we can do to campaign to stop these massive vehicles coming into the country?

They have only recently started coming to the UK. One was witnessed in Bristol recently turning the corner out of North Street by the Tobacco Factory.  It was so tight it ran way over the pavement forcing pedestrians out of the way and really dominated the whole street.

The photos show a double lorry from Poland which rather worryingly, was a left hand drive.  There was no signage to be seen anywhere and it was actually empty. This development is a real danger to cyclists and pedestrians, not to mention our streets and buil
dings.  Unlike Europe we don’t have the infrastructure to accommodate this scale of vehicle.

This is believed to be an 18 month pilot study, but as an EU directive it might mean the UK has to accept these lorries.  If you have any more information, or if know of any pressure groups and/or what we can do to stop this happening then please get in touch.