Who pays for our roads?

There is still an assumption that those using cycles don’t pay their way on our roads. This is despite significant progress being made in recent years highlighting the misconceptions of vehicle excise duty, often mistakenly referred to as “Road tax” (ipayroadtax.com). Remembering that 80% of cyclists are also drivers, we think it is a good time to highlight the shared costs we all pay for these stretches of tarmac that dominate our urban environment.

The headline is that every taxpayer, every year, pays a road transport subsidy of £2,500. We’ve produced a handy infographic on who pays for roads.

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Councillor Against Air Pollution

This was the issue that got the Bristol Cycling Campaign going in the first instance over 20 years ago. City centre councillor Mark Wright has launched a campaign to cut pollution in Bristol with plans for a Low Emission Zone in the city centre.  This would mean users of the most polluting vehicles would have to pay a fee on entering a cordon around Bristol which would encourage them to upgrade to cleaner vehicles and so improving air quality. Read more…    …

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