All the consultations!

Bristol City Council currently has four consultations open for street interventions across the city, which could lead to improved environments for people walking and cycling in those areas. We’ve written a detailed response for five consultations already which you can view here: ATF Consultation Response Jan 2021 – Bristol Cycling This covers the following areas: Cotham Hill, Cotham Princess Victoria Street, Clifton St Marks Road, Easton Rosemary Lane, Eastville Picton Street, Montpelier We’ve also responded to the consultation for Park Row and look forward to seeing a permanent scheme here in the not too distant future. To read our…

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Liveable Neighbourhoods for Southville and Bedminster – First Meeting

Our friends at Liveable Neighbourhoods for Bristol are delighted to be hosting their first meeting in Southville and Bedminster.Liveable Neighbourhoods for Bristol are hosting a virtual meeting on Monday 30th November at 7:30pm for local residents interested in the idea of Liveable Neighbourhoods.The aim of the meeting will be to update residents on the progress of the campaign so far and to create a working group that can work together to share ideas and start to influence local politicians. If you would like to attend please [email protected] There are Facebook groups for…

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COVID-19 Temporary Measures Southville and Bedminster

As we emerge from the Covid-19 lockdown, we’ve been in detailed discussion with local councillors in a number of areas of the city about what can be done quickly to enable walking and cycling. Here’s our proposals from 17th May for Southville and Bedminster (Southville & Bedminster Temporary Covid Measures). We’re pleased to see some of them underway. We’ve got a map where you can Suggest a change for your area, or support existing ideas. Make sure you let your councillors know you want change using Useful Information for Neighbourhood Campaigns. This document provides a short list of…

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Consultation response to Ashton Sidings proposal

We’ve made a response to the proposals for a large development on the Former Railway Depot, Clanage Road, also known as Ashton Sidings. Response to Consultation Bristol Cycling Campaign Former Railway Depot, Clanage Road  REF:20/01655/F  20th May 2020, Bristol Cycling Campaign object to the above application for the following reasons –  The proposed diversion of the existing Festival Way Cycle route is less direct and more convoluted than the existing route. The proposed ramp and the proximity to the proposed steps introduce unnecessary conflict between pedestrian (both users of Festival Way and residents) and…

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Local Cycling & Walking Infrastructure Plan Consultation

The West of England Combined Authority (WECA) – remember them, Metro Mayor, Tim Bowles? – have shown scant interest in active travel. But they have now put out a Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) for a consultation which closed on 15 March 2020. This is important as the LCWIP is the only game in town for cycling improvements in Bristol and the surrounding area. It’s a mixed bag – quite a few protected cycleways proposed, but many shared paths etc. Also lots of “explore” this and “consider” that; very tentative. We expected this plan to set…

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Bedminster Green Placemaking Framework – BCyC response

This is a very significant and complex development in particular due the density of the proposals and the use of high-rise blocks. These are of course also cycling issues. We’ve put forward the following response to the proposed Bedminster Green Placemaking Framework Bedminster Green Placemaking Framework Response Jan 2019 Bristol Cycling 7th January 2019 Introduction Bedminster Green is a scheme of size and density that will place significant demand on transport infrastructure in south Bristol. The development will bring an influx of residents who are expected not to own a private car, so the volume of cyclists in…

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Proposals for Coronation Rd – Dean Lane crossing

Draft plans have been circulated for this is very important and heavily used route for walking and cycling at the south end of Gaol Ferry Bridge (plan). The current arrangement is most unsatisfactory and long overdue for improvement. This has come to top of the pile as Bristol Council tries to find deliverable schemes as the Cycling Ambition Fund completion deadline approaches in 2018. 

The CAF team have increasingly struggled to get through projects that demonstrate any real ambition for cycling with councillors failing to support plans for the Filwood Quietway Victoria Park, a missed opportunity or is something better than nothing?, and now we hear Easton Safer Streets – ask councillors to support is likely to have only token measures to remove rat-running through traffic.

Schemes at problematic junctions like Coronation Road are welcome, but will be little more than sticking plasters that fail to achieve significant increases in cycling in the absence of a strategic vision and end-to-end routes that enable ‘Triple A Cycling’, for All Ages and Abilities.

We were interested in the proposals from Bristol Walking Alliance for a more radical change to include the Dean Lane junction.

Here’s BCyC Response to Coronation Rd _ Dean Lane crossing, or as follows:

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Ashton Vale changes due to Metrobus, Metrowest & South Bristol Link Road

The South Bristol Link Road (SBLR) opened in December 2016. It has a parallel shared use path for pedestrians and cycles which connects at Long Ashton to the Festival Way (National Cycle Network 33). It then links at the other end to the Malago Greenway at Hengrove. There is a spur connecting through the Long Ashton Park & Ride to the maintenance track / cycleway alongside the guided busway between Long Ashton and Temple Meads. The Metrobus busway will overfly the Temple Meads to Portbury rail line at Ashton Vale on a new deck. The maintenance track / cycleway continues and terminates at Ashton…

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Southville Bridge abandoned – what’s next?

One of the more iconic cycling schemes in the city has been abandoned (here and here). The Southville Bridge was approved in 2014 and would have linked Camden Road and through to North Street in Bedminster to the Harbourside. It remains an important part of the Greater Bedminster neighbourhood cycling plan. Costs had escalated alarmingly so Mayor George Ferguson pulled the project. The budget will be reallocated into other cycling projects and there has been agreement from DfT for an extended delivery timetable. Nevertheless, it is disappointing news that this useful link for one of the areas of the city with increasing numbers…

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Community Speedwatch in Bedminster 2015

There are a number of Community Speedwatch groups helping to make the 20mph areas in Bristol more effective. The group in Greater Bedminster is made up of BCyC members and they have shared the results of their observations. Figures from 2014 showed that 20mph limits were having an effect but with some specific problem areas. In 2015 over a thousand vehicles were checked with 14% going over 25mph (including one at 46mph!). There is a noticable improvement over 2014, however the threshold for recording has increased in 2015 from 24 to 26mph. The group is not going to monitor Raleigh Road any more…

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