Local Cycling & Walking Infrastructure Plan Consultation

The West of England Combined Authority (WECA) – remember them, Metro Mayor, Tim Bowles? – have shown scant interest in active travel. But they have now put out a Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) for a consultation which closed on 15 March 2020. This is important as the LCWIP is the only game in town for cycling improvements in Bristol and the surrounding area. It’s a mixed bag – quite a few protected cycleways proposed, but many shared paths etc. Also lots of “explore” this and “consider” that; very tentative. We expected this plan to set…

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Severn Beach – Parallel Crossings on Western Approach Distribution Park

South Glos Council are consultation on 5 new parallel priority crossings linking up sections of an existing shared footway/cycle track around the industrial park, part of the Highways England motorway cycle improvements scheme. https://consultations.southglos.gov.uk/consult.ti/PT.6407WesternApproachCrossings/consultationHome Bristol Cycling Campaign broadly supports these proposals, although we have some reservations about the detailed designs presented in the drawings. First it should be noted that the absence of a proper key on the drawings makes it difficult to be certain exactly what is being proposed. Our comments are: It is good that minor modifications to the routing of the paths will be made to avoid the need for…

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A38 to Little Stoke Park Patchway Link – multi use path

South Glos Council has been awarded funds by the West of England Combined Authority (WECA) to investigate improvements to the connectivity between the A38, the old airfield site and Patchway. The consultation is here and was discussed at the South Glos Cycle forum meeting.  They state that “The route will provide a quiet alternative and connects into the cycle network east of the Railway in Little Stoke Park. It will also provide a link for pedestrians and cyclists allowing them to avoid Gypsy Patch Lane.” We’ve done a consultation response, A38 to Little Stoke Park Patchway Link Feb 2019, and as follows:…

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Bromley Heath Viaduct works – a cycling opportunity?

South Gloucestershire Council has secured funding via The Challenge Fund and The Cycle Ambition Fund to carry out essential maintenance works along A4174 Avon Ring Road between the A38 at Filton and the A4 at Hicks Gate. These will include improvements to the carriageway, footpaths, cycle ways and street lighting as well as structural maintenance for the Bromley Heath viaduct. The improvements aim to complement the West of England’s transport project MetroBus. With an estimate of 500 cyclists using the viaduct daily, the project is particularly relevant for the work of Bristol Cycling Campaign as the plans involve extensive work…

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South Gloucestershire Draft Cycle Strategy – our response

A lot of useful work has gone in to this draft strategy which follows on from the publication last year of the Bristol Cycle Strategy. As with all general plans and statements of intent they are likely to have only a slight influence on what actually happens, but they are absolutely necessary and important to get right as they make certain outcomes more likely than others.

Read our full response here: 2016-01-15SouthGloucestershireCyclingStrategy.

Ref: Draft Version Dec 2015

Bristol Cycling Campaign welcomes the development of a cycling strategy for South Gloucestershire and many of the aims and aspirations expressed therein. However all good things can be made even better, so here are our comments on the documents which have been presented for consultation.

Bristol Cycling Campaign believes that everyone in Greater Bristol, whatever their age or ability, deserves safe and inviting space for cycling. This should never be to the detriment of walking. We have the following general comments on this consultation drawing on the Bristol Cycling Manifesto, and the Making Space for Cycling guide for street renewals which set out how to achieve Space for Cycling:

The strategy aims to “make cycling more attractive” and “make better places”, but this is not carried through to the rest of the strategy.  Too many of the current and proposed routes in the South Gloucestershire area are alongside and close to main roads with unpleasantly high volumes of motor traffic.  Making cycling attractive and comfortable by creating a more pleasant environment for cycling routes is important for encouraging more people to cycle.
We strongly encourage and expect a fully integrated approach with Bristol City Council in delivering a unified and seamless cycle network across the whole of Greater Bristol. This should apply to all relevant issues including design standards, signing and routes. There should be a close match between the Bristol Cycle Strategy 2015 and the final one for South Gloucestershire.
The aspirational network of cycle routes should include all those strategic and neighbourhood routes identified by Bristol Cycling Campaign as set out on the following maps South Gloucestershire North, South Gloucestershire South, South Gloucestershire Outer.

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Planning application for former Filton Airfield

This is a huge development on 143.13 hectares with up to 2,675 dwellings and apartments, employment hub, rail station, a secondary school and 2 primary schools, retail, health centres and all that goes with it. It has now been approved in outline by South Glos Council.

You might hope that the planning application would be an exemplary development worthy of celebrating in a European Green Capital. You would be disappointed.

There is some good stuff here but it will clearly be another car dominated development with cycling and walking at the margins. In particular there is little provision for delivering the strategic cycle routes to integrate with the rest of the city.

As always, we will be insisting that every resident of South Gloucestershire, whatever their age or ability, deserves safe and inviting space for cycling, which should never be to the detriment of walking. We expect developments to deliver the main elements of the Bristol Cycling Manifesto, and specifically the strategic cycle network. We expect Triple A provision (for All Ages and Abilities) as outlined in Making Space for Cycling.

Here is our response: BristolCyclingCampaignResponsetoConsultationFiltonAirfield

Space for Cycling

Does this measure advance the six themes of 1) Protected space on main roads; 2) Remove through motor traffic; 3) Safe routes to school; 4) Cycle friendly town centres; 5) Cycle routes in green spaces; 6) 20mph speed limits?

Amber – overall neutral
While some benefits, detail is lacking

Road Danger Reduction

Does this measure seek a genuine reduction in danger for all road users by identifying and controlling the principal sources of threat?

Amber – overall neutral
Not enough detail

Triple A Quality (All Ages and Abilities)

Will this measure be attractive to all ages and abilities using all kinds of cycles?

Amber – overall neutral

Strategic Cycling Network

How does this measure contribute to the development of Bristol Council’s planned integrated and coherent strategic cycle network?

Red – overall disbenefit
Key cycle routes need to be specified


How far does this measure provide for Triple A Space for Cycling in the future?

Amber – overall neutral

Bristol Cycling Campaign makes the following comments on the “Revised Pedestrian and Cycle Strategy” section of $5.6 Access and Movement in the Design & Access Statement Addendum:

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Strategic Masterplan for East of Harry Stoke New Neighbourhood

UPDATE 23/4/15: Final BCyC submission sent in, BristolCyclingCampaignResponsetoConsultationHarryStoke. There is a ‘pre-application’ consultation on the strategic master plan from the developers Crest Strategic, which affects the land at East of Harry Stoke.  This is a huge new development on the remaining open land by Stoke Gifford bounded by the M4, M32 and the Filton Road. See our Neighbourhood page for that area for some of routes and points that need to be delivered. We’ve been plugging away trying to get the appropriate planning guidelines in place as set out in June 2014. We have significant concerns that…

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