Bristol Cycling Campaign outline 2021 priorities

After a lively and extremely busy start to 2021, we are pleased to outline our priorities for the year. It is going to be an exciting year for cycling in Bristol with mayoral and council elections, infrastructure improvements and the increasing recognition of cycling as a valuable mode of transport. The new year saw the election of Toby Wells and Tom Swithinbank as new chairs of Bristol Cycling Campaign. Together we decided it was time for a fresh look at how we work and what we want to achieve in 2021. Below we have outlined our priorities, and how you might…

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BCyC Policy – Shared Space Streets and Shared Use Pavements

What’s the issue?
The Bristol regional cycle network is almost entirely made up of shared space with motor traffic, or shared use with pedestrians. Both are essential and useful where appropriate, but otherwise can create conflict and anxiety about safety from more vulnerable users, whether perceived or actual. The Bristol Bike Life 2015 Report rated shared pavements and bus lanes as the least popular measures.

Concerns about safety is the major factor preventing more people cycling. A safe, direct and convenient cycle network is the key factor in making cycling so easy that everyone feels able to do it.
BCyC position
Cycling, walking and driving need different networks with specific design requirements. These may overlap and be shared in specific circumstances. While comprehensive and suitably separated networks exist for walking and driving, there is little real Space for Cycling for a city with aspirations for 20% of trips by cycles.

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