Could this Bristol city centre bridge shut [opened! – ed] for good? | West Country – ITV News

Our petition to keep Prince Street Bridge for walking and cycling has been getting media¬†attention. We’re looking for people who can give an hour or two to help with leafleting. Get in touch¬†if you can help.   A campaign’s been started to persuade Bristol City Council not to allow cars back on to an important bridge when it reopens…

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Come and plot for a Peaceful Prince St Bridge (tonight!)

Prince Street Bridge

We hope everyone’s enjoying the heat! Do come along to share your ideas and inspiration for how we can sort out Prince Street Bridge. We’re at Roll for the Soul at 5.45pm. Who thinks we should offer ice cream instead of coffee today? It’s been an exciting start to our quest. There’s been a tonne of support, and two…

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Campaign to keep Prince St Bridge for people walking and cycling

Prince Street Bridge is possible the most important single point in the city for walking and cycling. It is very heavily used and already a point of significant congestion. This will get worse as ever more people choose to walk and cycle. It is clear that it can no longer continue to function safely and comfortably while meeting the…

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Threat to walking and cycling on Prince Street Bridge

BCyC image

Worrying news from cabinet papers published yesterday that Prince Street Bridge, and the streets on either side, may become as congested and hostile for walking and cycling as before (which is to say ‘business as usual’ and a missed opportunity). It is our view that this should be closed to motor vehicles so that two new iconic ‘plazas’, one…

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Princes Street Bridge closed to cars

  Well, at least for 6 months whilst the bridge is being refurbished from mid-August. This will be a practical test of filtered permeability in the centre as a temporary scaffolding bridge is being put up for pedestrians and cyclists. It’s only 3m wide however so probably only suitable for walking with bikes. Now this is a chance to…

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