Do you Cycle on the Portway?

Here it's too easy to use the shared path as lorry parking

There’s a major Consultation on this stunning gorge and key transport corridor. If you can do just one thing to improve cycling in Bristol today please complete the Survey, and answer, or just paste “Needs a continuous cycle route segregated from motor traffic, including buses, and walkers” into the “Other Comments or Suggestions” boxes at the end of each…

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Our challenges for the new Cabinet Member for Transport in Bristol

This article was first published on Congratulations to Don Alexander, who has just taken on the role of Cabinet Member for Transport. This is an important position given the impact our city’s transport challenges have on the lives of residents across the city. Getting the balance right between giving hope and managing expectations will be a key challenge…

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Downs Loop consultation – please show your support

Our friends at Cycle Sunday are currently running a public consultation on their proposal for the Downs Loop. This includes wide accessible paths to welcome all users, new raised crossings, and traffic calming (around Circular Road). Vicki Cracknell, from the Downs Loop campaign shares an update: We have been so inspired by a young woman called Eleanor who describes…

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Gear Change and LTN 1/20 – the start of a cycling revolution, or another false dawn?

Months, years and sometimes decades go by with only warm words and crumbs from Government on cycling. We’ve had false dawns before but on July 28 the government published two potentially revolutionary documents for cycling: Gear change: a bold vision for cycling and walking, and the less snappily titled LTN 1/20 Cycle infrastructure design. Showing commitment based on what…

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King Street shows the way on pedestrianisation

King Street

One of Bristol’s most historic streets has been pedestrianised after a campaign by local businesses. Tom Swithinbank of Bristol Cycling Campaign finds out how the businesses of King Street helped to make it happen. It’s the home of the Old Vic and some of Bristol’s best-loved pubs, bars and restaurants. Now, after years of campaigning, cars no longer rumble…

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Space for Cycling Update: April 2019

Roadsign -'No overtaking cycists through works'

Silverthorne Lane and St Philips Marsh We have recently met developers and consultants about the Silverthorne Lane site and St Philip’s Marsh respectively, part of Temple Quarter. These are likely to be some of the largest re-development sites in Bristol in the coming years and are in close proximity to Temple Island and the University of Bristol Temple Meads…

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