Tell the Treasury we need #funding4cycling

Tell the Treasury we need #funding4cycling

The Government has put out a consultation on what the UK would like to see in the Autumn Statement 2014, which will take place on 03 December.

We’d like to tell the Treasury that cycling needs at least £10 per head per year invested in order to create the “cycling revolution” that the Prime Minister has called for.

 Fill out the form via the link below with your details and click ‘go to next page’, where you’ll see an email ready to send to the Treasury.

 Time is short: the submission deadline is Friday 17th October.  

 (The £10 is a MINIMUM and needs to build up to Euro levels of c£20 as more and more people choose to cycle – Our Bristol Cycling Manifesto calls for £16 – coincidentally it appears that is being achieved from the DfT one-off funding schemes – but only for another year and beyond that there is no commitment – just a promise.)