Temple Quarter Enterprise Campus – our response

Bristol Cycling Campaign have the following comments on the University of Bristol Temple Quarter Enterprise Campus consultation in April 2019.

Strategic Cycle Routes

We welcome the fact that a segregated cycle track has been integrated into the designs as shown on page 6. This route and extending along Feeder Road has been identified as a strategic cycle route in the ongoing Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan and this route should be delivered to a high standard of segregated cycle track. We support the current location of cycle track north of Cattle Market Road / Feeder Road and would recommend against relocating it south of the road as this would require three additional crossing and turning movements, the most dangerous points for cyclists, and reduce its utility as a strategic cycle route.

This route should be segregated from pedestrian space with a level difference marked edged by a kerb upstand, and the surfacing should be visually distinct from the surrounding surfacing. This is in the interest of pedestrian and cycle safety, the utility of the cycle track for cyclists and to ensure that the track is identifiable for people who are visually impaired. The current red tarmac segregated track on Cattle Market Road functions well and we recommend extending this along the length of the cycle track. We strongly advise against adopting the approach which has recently been unsuccessfully implemented in the Centre and the eastern end of the existing Cattle Market Road cycle track, where the cycle track is not visually distinct in surfacing and not separated by level difference, and results in pedestrian and cycle conflict as a consequence. Bristol City Council Officers are well aware of the failings of the delineated cycle route in the Centre which causes continual conflicts between pedestrians and cyclists and has necessitated retrofitting of signs and symbols because it does not work. Mistakes are inevitable as building to encourage active travel, rather than to deter it, is relatively new in Britain but we must learn from these mistakes and not repeat them. Clear segregation of pedestrians and cyclists, by level, surface and colour, is almost always preferable and is essential in a busy location, near a station and university. Cycles and pedestrians should have priority over turning motor vehicles at the service access crossover points.

We note that while page 6 shows a segregated cycle track that page 7 refers to a shared pedestrian/cycle way.  Shared pedestrian and cycle space would not be appropriate in this location due to the number of pedestrians and cycles in this location.

Brock’s Bridge

The current allocation of road space on Brock’s Bridge does not reflect the potential uses of the bridge. This bridge does not provide a through route for motor traffic and will be used for deliveries and motor access for disabled parking only. Therefore we recommend that the bridge is reduced to a single lane with signal controls for two way running. The other lane should be given over to a segregated cycle track connecting to the proposed Cattle Market cycle track via a parallel priority crossing. This would a more appropriate allocation of road space for a predominantly car free development, and would safely separate cycles from pedestrians.

Bike Storage

We are concerned about the accessibility of the long stay cycle storage which is located in the basement of the student accommodation buildings. We would recommend some of the bike parking is located at ground floor level. All cycle storage areas should be accessible to all, with ramps and adequately sized lifts as appropriate. A share of the bike storage should also accommodate non-conventional bikes such as recumbents and cargo bikes which require more space and are not appropriate to lift. We also recommend that for security any bike storage areas are subdivided and not located in one large area.

Adequate short stay Sheffield-style bike stands should be provided at ground floor level in the detailed reserved matters application.

Temple Meads Pontoon Bridge

Cycle access to the shared use Temple Meads Pontoon Bridge should be permitted. Signage should be provided to show cycle access. We recognise this route does not have the capacity to be a high traffic cycle through-route but responsible use by people on bikes should be permitted for access to Temple Quay.