The 17 Bristol streets that will be getting bike hangars

It was welcome news back in July that 17 new ‘Bike Hangers’ are being installed. If you’re using one, or have one in your street, can you share your experiences or thoughts for the benefit of others?

The bike hangars are funded by the Government’s Cycle Ambition Fund which supports improvements worth £12million in Bristol up until 2018, alongside local match funding from the council.

The first phase of the Bristol Bike Hangar scheme are at the following sites:

•Richmond Road at 2, Ashley
•Mina Rd at 227-233, Ashley
•Churchlands Road, Bedminster
•Chessel Street, Bedminster
•Cornwallis Crescent, Clifton
•Cornwallis Avenue, Clifton
•Devon Road, Easton
•Anstey Street, Easton
•Lawn Road, Frome Vale
•Somerset Road at 48, Knowle
•Somerset Road at 117, Knowle
•Belton Road, Lawrence Hill
•Stapleton Road at Crisis Centre, Lawrence Hill
•Howard Road, Southville
•Exeter Road, Southville
•Stretford Road, St George West
•Almorah Rd & Hill Avenue, Windmill Hill

Bristol Council also say that there is a waiting list for evaluation “The following groups are currently at the top of the waiting list, and we will look at the feasibility of these sites at the same time”

•Vivian Street, Windmill Hill
•Stanley Hill & Hillside Street, Windmill Hill
•Turley Road, Easton
•Greenbank Road, Southville

For more information on the bike hangar scheme click here.

Source: The 17 Bristol streets that will be getting bike hangars