The start of cycle campaigning in Bristol, lessons for today?

It’s well worth settling down with the hot beverage of your choice and letting the estimable John Grimshaw tell you about the start of cycle campaigning in Bristol, and we venture, in the UK.

He describes the striking series of demonstrations and actions that started in 1974 and lead to the mass action that created the Bristol Bath Railway Path in 1978.

Campaigning group CycleBag (1977) carried the flag forward and then John set up up practical action organisation Sustrans in 1983.  CycleBag may, or may not, have stood for “Channel Your Calf and Leg Energies Bicycle Action Group” but it was largely defunct by 1991 when Founding member Tony Ambrose set up BCyC in 1991 with the self explanatory name of Bristol Cycling Campaign.

While you’re listening you might wish to browse the first Bristol cycling strategy, 1974 Cycling in Bristol from John Grimshaw. The maps are hard to make out but the links to our 2013 Bristol Cycling Strategy are clear.